The Holland America Line Postcard Collectors Reference Library

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November 7, 2012

Tiemen Spits

This website is a non-commercial reference library for purely educational purposes. The use of this library is free of charge to any collector or researcher.

It attempts to provide a comprehensive library of postcards published with any Holland America Line subjects depicted in image or text. The postcards in this reference library are owned by several collectors. For each image, a reference is provided to the collection where it resides.

If you have cards in your collection that you do not see on this page, or if you want to sell or trade cards, please send an email to: This will allow me to make this website as complete and current as possible.

A collection of thumbnail images of the postcards currently in the reference library will be displayed when you select the subject of interest. Click on the thumbnail and a large image display window will pop to the foreground. If you leave this window open, you can step through the images.

On occasion, a publisher would use the wrong ship image when creating a card. For example; some of the Rijndam I cards are actually the image of the Amsterdam II. In these cases, I have left an image of the postcard on the page of the ship indicated on the card (ergo:Rijndam I) and in addition I have added the same cards on the page of the actual ship (ergo: Amsterdam II) under the header "wrong image use" with the original card ID (i.e. ryn1-c001, etc.).

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